Submitted by Carmel Parmeter, 1/10/2010
Sampled & enjoyed by the Parmeter clan Christmas 2009!

2 cans of chickpeas
1/3 cup tehini
juice of half a lemon (roughly, depends on how lemony you want it)
1-2 cloves garlic (depends on how garlicky you want it)
2 tablespoon olive oil

Drain cans and cook with some water until beans are hot. Reserve a little of the cooking liquid and drain the rest.

In a food processor, mix tehini with lemon juice and a little cold water (about a quarter cup) until light and frothy. (if not light and frothy, add more liquid in small amounts until it is) Add garlic and salt. pulse until incorporated. Add the beans 1/3 the amount at a time and pulse until they become paste. If it looks too choppy, add a little of the cooking liquid. taste. correct seasoning. Add the olive oil and blend for 2 minutes, until the hummus is very creamy. Its best right away, while its still warm. It looses something in the fridge though its still good.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by joyce parmeter on September 29, 2013 at 12:09 PM

    Carmel, Does this change considerably or at all if I want to cook my own garbanzos? I love making variations of hummus and am still trying to make mine as nice as yours. Unfortunately, I have a reputation for substituting so I have never followed your recipe completely. Brad feels compelled to “fix” mine…..


    • Hi Joyce,
      Sorry for the delay in approving this comment. I know Carmel does cook her own garbanzos, so I’m guessing it would be just fine! I’m not sure that she’ll see the comment on here, though, so you may want to confirm via email or the next time you see her.
      Cheers! Suzy


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